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There are four Presbyterian congregations in Iraq.  Only in the last year or so have they been able to come together under the Assembly of the Presbyterian Churches of Iraq.  During the last five years the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has tried to support the congregations in Iraq and help them reconnect with other Presbyterian churches in the region. For more information visit Presbyterians Around the World, Iraq on the web.

The great need of all the churches in Iraq is leadership development which the Presbyterian Church USA Middle East Desk, the Near East School of Theology (NEST), and the Fellowship of the Evangelical Church in the Middle East are involved in providing. This is an expensive undertaking and your support is greatly appreciated.

Church updates as of April 30, 2010:

Kirkuk Presbyterian Church
The church in Kirkuk is doing very well under the leadership of Pastor Haitham Jezrawi and the over 150 members who are actively involved in the life of the church. The security situation is reasonably safe so the church members are taking part in numerous activities. Worship services are going normally as well as the Youth and Sunday School. The Presbyterian Women (PW) is very dynamic. They live out their faith in an inclusive, caring community by providing monetary and educational support to over 150 children. The PW has recently provided a generous grant to the kindergarten which is developing into a elementary school. They also minister to women prisoners and are involved in an FM radio station.

The Baghdad Church
The church in Baghdad is the largest church of the five in the Iraq Partnership especially after the Assyrian Presbyterian speaking church joined the Arab speaking church. There are still at least 250 families living in Baghdad which is half of the original number. The big project for the church at this time is starting a child care center and an orphanage for hundreds of children. Their Youth Groups, including both high school and college students, are provided admirable ministry to each other and the community. Their Sunday school has over 100 children between the ages of five and twelve years old.

The Basra Presbyterian Church
This church has about 20 families that still live in the Basra area. Although there is no pastor for the Basra Church, Elder Zuhier Fathalla, who is also a medical doctor, is providing exceptional leadership for this community. They also have a kindergarten with about 35 children.

The Presbyterian Church in Mousle
Seven families remain in the congregation at Mousle. They are unable to meet at church due to poor security so they are worship together at each others homes when it is possible. Hana Al Saka is now leading these families in worship and other gatherings whenever possible.



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