For Visitors

Maybe you’ve read some of the pages above, but who are we to visitors?

We seek to be a home for all who come through our doors, in the midst of a city that is constantly changing.  Life can be difficult, and sometimes lonely; you’re welcome to visit us and slip out the back door, but you bring us a gift when you stay to meet us.  We come from all walks of life, and are of every living generation.  There’s a place for you here.

If you decide to give us a chance, please don’t just come once; be our guest for several weeks.  The seeds God plants don’t sprout in one hour; but God rewards our patience, and the investment we make in Christian community.

Here are some more links that may interest you, and—God willing—we hope to meet you, too.




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If the Ithaca City School District is released early or closed due to inclement weather, the First Presbyterian Church will also be closed and all committee meetings and rehearsals will be cancelled.