Memberships and Partnerships

We are a member congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Our church is connectional, relational, and equal—like an extended family across the nation, with partnerships that extend around the world.  We don’t agree with every decision of the national church, but we pledge to be a part of its ongoing dialogue—and hope our voice can help bring about the justice, love, and service Jesus calls us all to embody.

Our regional body is the Presbytery of Geneva.  Presbyteries are just gatherings of delegates from each of the churches in a region; as in a true democracy, no human governs another; but together, under the blessing of the Holy Spirit, we discern our governance; and God alone remains the Lord of the Conscience.

In addition, we are members and partners with other groups, reflecting our congregation’s discernment of God’s call upon us:

We are members of The Covenant Network, a network of Presbyterian congregations seeking dialogue and progress on matters of gender justice.  Reflecting this, you will find in us a congregation open to appreciative of the diversity of God’s creation.

We are an Earth Care Congregation.  In this, we promise to explore and pursue opportunities to operate in an environmentally sound way whenever possible, and to challenge our congregants and communities to do the same.

We belong to (and were founders of) ICAN, which stands for the Interfaith Climate Action Network.  This is a local body made of members of the Ithaca region who work together on issues affecting our environment and the global climate.  This is an article that can tell you more.

While we can by no means exhaustively list all our mission work, here are a few missionaries and missions we support:

Sara and Rusty Edmonson in Peru;

The Iraq Partnership Network;

The Friendship Center of Ithaca; and many more.

For a more complete list, check out our Supported Missions.

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If the Ithaca City School District is released early or closed due to inclement weather, the First Presbyterian Church will also be closed and all committee meetings and rehearsals will be cancelled.