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2023 Internship Description

Internship description: 


The First Presbyterian Church of Ithaca is searching for an Intern for Congregational Life to be fulfilled on a half-time basis:

  • Pastoral Care, including visitation and communication of pastoral needs (5 hours per week);

  • Serving as staff organizer for our young adults and college students (3-4 hours);

  • Some worship leadership, such as reading scripture or leading prayer, and Adult Educational leadership when asked (0-2 hours, when available);

  • Administrative work, including emails and phone calls (3 hours);

  • Attending worship meeting each Wednesday (1/2 hour);

  • Serving as a missional outreach pastor to refugee populations, with emphasis on the Burmese and Karen Burmese populations as a whole (4 hours)

  • Meeting with the Senior Pastor (as needed) and attending staff meetings (every other week) (1 hour)

  • Other occasional duties as presented by seasons, special church needs, Presbytery, or office work (2 hours, but outside services (*) may involve additional paid work):

    • Special services of the church

    • Support staff for special church events

    • Pastoral on call time used to support staff vacations




We are looking for a graduate of an accredited Theological Seminary with experience in pastoral care, boundary awareness, working with students, and cultural knowledge and experience with refugees, especially from the Burmese refugee community.


Terms of work:


The intern may set, in coordination with the Senior Pastor and other staff, a schedule of office hours and hours for off-site work.  The church will provide office space and a working environment.


The intern shall report to the Senior Pastor/Head of Staff and to the Personnel Committee when requested, and shall make reports to the Session when needed.  They shall have a liaison, appointed by the Personnel Committee, whose role it is to support them in their ministry.  They may also report to the COM of Geneva Presbytery, should that ministry develop, with the capacity for working with other churches to fulfill their ministries, consistent with and in order with the constitution of the PC(USA) and the bylaws of the Presbytery.  This internship is considered an at-will appointment, able to be ended when one or both parties deems it best.


Remuneration and vacation:


This half-time (20 hour per week) position does not include benefits, but has a stipend only:


                Stipend:                               $12,000/year plus IRS mileage for church-related travel.

                Vacation Time:                  4 weeks including 4 Sundays

                Other leave:                       2 weeks including 2 Sundays


To Apply:

Applications will be read on a rolling basis as they arrive.  Applicants should send a cover letter and resume by email to:


                Rev. Kirianne E. Weaver



or by mail to:


                First Presbyterian Church

                315 N Cayuga Street

                Ithaca, NY 14850

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