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Weddings at First Presbyterian

What you need to know.

Weddings at First Pres are scheduled by the church office and are officiated by a pastor of this church.  They include three premarital counseling sessions (unless the couple has already received premarital counseling elsewhere).  The first session seeks to get to know a couple and to begin to approach topics that we feel are important for the health of a marriage, yet often go undiscussed.  The second continues the discussions of the first, and begins to craft the service outline, which is formalized in the third along with any other details of importance.


Weddings in a Presbyterian church are not a sacrament, but they are a Christian service of worship, and as such include scripture readings, though additional readings from other faiths are welcome.  Pastors officiating approve other readings or ceremony elements that are requested based on appropriateness.


Our denomination is rainbow-inclusive, and will advocate for marital equality within the service - eschewing traditional but imbalanced phrases such as "belonging to" and "man and wife."  Elements of traditional vows such as "to obey" or "to have and to hold" are welcome only if they are mutual promises, given and received by both parties equally.  Those seeking to be married do not need to be Presbyterian, nor baptized, nor formally members of a Christian church; but one or both must have a self-avowed faith consistent with a Christian service of worship, so that the service may be planned and rendered with meaning and integrity.


However our openness does not mean we will perform every legally-allowed marriage.  If the pastors engaged in premarital counseling sense serious problems indicating that the relationship may result in harm to one or both parties, any pastor reserves the right to call off the church's involvement in the wedding.  We will do so as expediently as possible so a couple has advance knowledge of the pastoral determination.


Our pastoral staff are committed to making every wedding held here as strong as possible, nurtured by a warm, personal, and spiritual time for the community to gather in support of a couple beginning a new life together.  Our prayers and encouragement are with you as you embark.


Wedding fees:


Building use: $600.  (This includes the service, rehearsal, and time for decorating and undecorating.  There are specific rules about decorations in our sanctuary to preserve the woodwork; please consult the church before making plans.  The church comfortably seats up to 350 people.)

Organist fee: $300.  (All services are in church musicians' contracts, and are therefore expected payments; if the organist is not requested, the couple may pay a "bench fee" of $150.)

Custodial fee: $150.  (This does not include undecorating, but covers the cost of staff to open the premises and maintain the building.)

Pastoral fee: $800.  (This includes premarital counseling sessions and bulletins as needed, as well as leadership of the rehearsal and service.)

Total costs for the service: $1,700 to $1,850.

For more information or to discuss scheduling and availability, please contact the church at:

or use the Contact Us page on the website.

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