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Special Services

The church's life includes the communal and the individual alike.  If you are planning special services, such as a baptism, wedding, or memorial, here is some additional information.


Baptism is God's gift, lived out through the work of the local congregation.  For this reason, baptisms are generally performed in the Christian community of a family's membership: so that the congregation can offer its own promises to help raise a child in the life Christ has modeled for us.  We understand that although preferable, for a variety of reasons this may not always be possible.  We believe baptism is not ours but God's, and consider requests for baptism outside of the covenant of membership in the congregation.

For more information about baptism, contact Rev. Kirianne Weaver at



Not a sacrament but a service: a marriage both celebrates and requires love in abundance, and God's faithful support is its best foundation.  We are happily inclusive of rainbow weddings.  An outline of our church's requirements for hosting a wedding can be found here (link under construction), as well as some resources that may help you plan for the day.


Memorials, funerals, and celebrations of life.

You have come to the right place; our pastoral staff are here to help you honor loved ones, celebrate life and cherish memories.  You can reach out directly to our staff through the contact us page, or by emailing:  Rev. Kirianne Weaver (, Rev. Cynthia Weaver (, or the church office (  More information about memorial services at our church, including planning resources, may be found here (link under construction).

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