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Tel:  607-272-2800
Fax:  607-272-2813

​315 N. Cayuga Street

Ithaca, NY  14850



Cayuga Street Entrances:

The metal-and-glass doors on Cayuga Street (the Corner Door and the Tower Door) enter into the rear of the sanctuary, called the Narthex.  They are our main doors on Sunday morning and for concerts and sanctuary events, but are not handicapped-accessible.  For that, enter from the Park Doors.

The Park Doors:

These handicapped-accessible double doors enter from the Dewitt Park side, and are closest to our parking lot.  On Sunday morning, our parking lot is reserved for visitors and those with mobility issues.  To get to the parking lot, use the narrow alley on the East side of the church, off Court Street.  The parking lot is found at the end of that alley.


Inside the Park door is a lift that reaches the sanctuary and basement levels of the church.  You may wish to ask for help if you have not operated a lift before; it does not function quite as an elevator does!

The Green Door:

The Green Door is the one most often open during the week.  It is a small metal that faces Court Street and enters the Education Wing of the church.  Our church office hours are Tu-Fr 9:00-1:00.


Our Parking lot is available Sunday mornings for visitors and those with mobility issues.  It is accessed through the narrow alley between the church and the court building off Court Street.


On Sunday mornings, there are no meter fees to park streetside in Ithaca.  However, on Sunday mornings you may also freely use the Court Building Parking Lot, found just past the church on Court Street, and also another similar lot off Tioga Street between Court and Buffalo.  From both, the church is less than a block's walk.  These parking lots are NOT available during the week, but only on Sundays for churchgoers.


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