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Worship is the most important thing we do.  Some think it is mission, but that is the result of worship; worship is the first Christian act, in which we put our own selves aside and praise the hope we have been given in a future of God's creating.


We take joy in music!  Our sanctuary resounds when we sing, and our music teaches us the words of faith that will remain in our thoughts for years.  We are always learning new hymns; our faith, like our world and worship, is never still nor stagnant.


We worship in the Reformed tradition, which means that God's message requires translation, interpretation, and intelligent understanding.  It means that we believe all good things come from God, and that our greatest acts of faith stem from the power of thanksgiving.  It means that we are equal in the sight of God -- that apart from Christ, no human stands above another, and even Christ called himself the servant of all.  It means our goal is to live in humbleness, peace, respect and equality; to practice justice and stewardship of all creation; to put others before ourselves, and to discover our capacity to love all as God has loved us. 

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