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Our Great Children's Church!

Our worship service and our Godly Play is now in person. 

We are aware of CDC guidelines and concerns for the young people under 12 who are unable to be vaccinated. We are taking many precautions, such as; wearing masks, keeping distance and air circulation in our rooms. 


 If you would like your child/children to join, please email at or text me on my cell at 712.212.4819


We no longer have the Families, Youth and Children newsletter as it was combinded to the monthly GoodNews that goes out via email and USPS. Our upcoming classes, service volunteers and events are in this newsletter. Please reach out to me to be added to it. 

The above photo is part of our Children's Church group. We meet every Sunday during the worship service on the second floor, across from the nursery.  

Our Youth Program:

Our middle school and high school students meet weekly on Sunday at 9:00-9:50 am. We will do most of  our events outside and will have a zoom options for families would like to participate this way. 

Our theme this year, "Service through Love". Allows us to explore some of these words, such as; what service means, what poverty means and what community means. We will have a mix of colorful curriculum with a mix of Godly Play stories, service activities and hands-on, interactive group projects.

If you know a curious middle school or high school student who wants to learn about themselves, religion and have fun, please come! Our group is open to you. 


We do welcome young people who are LGTQ+ and young people of all backgrounds. We do look forward to having you, please email or text me on my cell at 712.212.4819. If you are a student looking for service hours, we have many opportunities this year during, "Service through Love" program.

MJ, Fin, Olivia and Annalee at SPCA.JPG

The photo of the four are MJ, Maeve, Olivia and Annalee visiting the SPCA to look for a community church dog.