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Our worship service and children and youth activities are now in person. We are following COVID-19 CDC guidelines such as wearing masks, social distancing, and using air filtration in our children and youth rooms. 

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Our Children's Program:

Our Sunday School program for children ages K-6 meets during the church service from 10:15-11:10am. Sunday School uses a creative curriculum which  focuses on story telling and allows the children to explore the their faith through the wondering, and play, and creating with different materials. This program allows children to explore larger dimensions of belief and theological meaning.

The above photo is one of the ways children explored the story using art. We meet every Sunday during the worship service on the second floor, across from the nursery.  

Our Youth Program:

Our middle school and high school students meet weekly on Sunday at 9:00-9:50 am. We have a creative curriculum which applies scripture to daily life with service activities, discussions, and hands-on, interactive group projects.

If you know a curious middle school or high school student who wants to learn about themselves, religion, and have fun, please come! Our group is open to you. We welcome and affirm all young people. We affirm LGBTQIA+ and all identities, cultures and learning styles.  young people of all backgrounds.

MJ, Fin, Olivia and Annalee at SPCA.JPG

Four of our children and youth, MJ, Maeve, Olivia, and Annalee, visiting the SPCA to look for a community church dog. 

Events: 2023

For more events visit the Calendar tab under "News & Events" 

MORE Coming Soon 

Want to Learn More?

For more information, contact the interim Director of Christian Education, Mylika Slaughter, at You can also call or text 516-324-2626, or call the office at 607-272-2800 x224.

Our upcoming classes and events are published monthly in the Good News church newsletter, available via e-mail or postal mail. Please reach out to or contact Mylika to be added to the mailing list.

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