Our Great Chilren's Church!

The above photo is part of our Children's Church group. We meet every Sunday during the worship service on the second floor, across from the nursery.  

Currently, we are hosting our Godly Play time, before the service at 9:30-10 am. The Sunday School Committee sends out small packages to the children so they have items to follow along with. Children will be admitted one at time and microphones will be muted until the sharing time at the end. If you would like your child/children to join, please email at Suzanne@firstpresithaca.org or text me on my cell at 712.212.4819

First Presbyterian Church Of Ithaca is inviting you to Godly Play


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 774 9545 2457
Passcode: 8VGL1A


Families, Youth and Children (FYC) Newsletter is currently on hold during the pandemic. We do send our a FPCI Connect newsletter which has excepts by children and youth. It also has much of the church information and happenings in it.  Please email me at Suzanne@firstpresithaca.org to be added to the list. 

Our Youth Program:

Fall Kick-Off

Both will take place in Dewitt Park

From 1-3 pm

Please RSVP to lauradalegeorge@gmail.com or Suzanne@firstpresithaca.org


September 27, 2020

Part 1, Meet the Families

Part 2: 2020-2021 Curriculum 

October 18, 2020

Have you been curious about Godly Play? WOuld you like to have a snap shot of the year to help you plan? 

We also will hear what the Youth Group has to stay about their wants in this upcoming year. 

The photo of the four are MJ, Fin, Olivia and Annalee visiting the SPCA to look for a community church dog. 


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