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Our congregation supports over 50 different missions locally, nationally and internationally.  First we'd like to highlight a few of the missions we have been especially close to or involved in over the years.  Then, read a more complete list below of the missions we support.

The Ethiopian Rural Education Project (EREP)

This project was started by members of our church, notably Thomas Scott, whom you might meet almost any Sunday you come!  Tom and others opened a school in Ethiopia to improve rural education for K-2nd grades.  Recently, the government has ruled that elementary schools must serve K-4th grades to be accredited, so we are working hard to help EREP build the additional rooms it needs!

Ithaca Friendship Center /Rescue Mission

Years ago, it was members of our church who met to discuss what could be done to better the lives of those struggling with housing insecurity and homelessness in Ithaca.  They began the Friendship Center, a "living room for the homeless" where anyone could come inside, get warm, and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with friends.  Now the project, grown well beyond its original walls, is a major community service in Ithaca.

International Hunger Fund

The International Hunger Fund was started by members of our church with the intent to fund graduate students in the area whose studies will tangibly improve hunger issues in their home countries.  These prizes are awarded annually to enable the students to make an impact with their research.  Students return to report to the congregation the work they have done and share international stories of hope in the fight against hunger.

Sara Armstrong and Rusty Edmonson

Sara and Rusty are dear to our hearts because Sara is the daughter of our very own Lucia and Doug Armstrong!  Sara and Rusty serve as PC(USA) missionaries in Peru, where they work with local churches, strengthen local social programs in Lima, and facilitate mission trips from congregations in the USA.  Every once in a while you can find them visiting Sara's parents right here in Ithaca!

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