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We, the people of the First Presbyterian Church of Ithaca,

           in a divided world filled with divergent Christian theologies,

           believe in a unity found in God

           that transcends every human label and judgment.

           Confronted with the immensity of Jesus’ love, we aspire to

                       fight bigotry in our world and in ourselves;

                       celebrate our differences and recognize the strengths                             that only diversity can bring;

                       know that we can’t separate ourselves from                                             one another  without separating ourselves from God;

                       serve as advocates for those who are not capable of                                 advocating for themselves;

                       cherish the earth as God’s gift to all humanity equally;

                       accept the responsibility of assisting those in need;

                       and dedicate ourselves to worship, prayer, and                                         celebration in our church and beyond.

We do these things because we are all equally made in God’s image. God’s grace is freely given – therefore we are compelled to share this grace with all.





Session approved this statement on March 25, 2019 on behalf of the congregation.


Tel:  (607) 272-2800

315 N. Cayuga Street

Ithaca, NY 14850


Senior Pastor:

the Rev. Kirianne E. Weaver


Pastoral Supply:

the Rev. Cynthia A. Weaver, Ph.D.


Office Administrator:

Linda Sharpe


Business Manager:

Kate Hubbs


Director of Christian Education:

Suzanne Scholten


Director of the Chancel Choir:

Stephen Spinnelli


Organist:  Ian Woods


Building Manager:  Jim DuPay

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