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A History of Slavery

and Racial Injustice

February 16-23, 2019

eji memorial.jpg

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice - Montgomery, Alabama.

This coming February, we invite everyone in our area to come together for a “Seminar on Wheels:” an intensive exploration of slavery in America and its aftereffects on our culture and society today.


Traveling by bus, the Seminar will visit historic sites on the way to Montgomery, Alabama where we will visit the National Memorial for Peace and Justice (commonly known as the “National Lynching Memorial”).  Other planned stops include Harper’s Ferry (where John Brown and other abolitionists made their stand), Stagville plantation in Durham, NC, the premiere of “Goodnight, Tyler” (a live theater production about a black boy shot by an officer), the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.


On the bus as we travel, we will hear readings, watch films, and be led in prayer, discussion and community building.  The trip is being organized by a joint effort of our church and Angela Hopkins, the Director of the Friends Center for Racial Justice here in Ithaca.


Some additional information about the trip:

  • The trip is open to students and adults age 14 and up.  If mobility is a concern, please keep in mind that at times the trip will involve walking and uneven terrain.

  • We will stay in hotels along the way, and some meals will be included in the trip’s total cost of about $650-$700 (based on 4-person occupancy at hotels)

  • Some scholarships may be available, especially for youth.

  • We have intentionally chosen ICSD’s Winter Break week to make this trip available to High School students in our area.  If you know of students who might be interested, we would like to hear from them.

  • REGISTRATION IS OPEN!  Click below to be taken to the Registration page.  All 52 available seats will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  Deposits of $100 must be sent to the church within 2 weeks of registration for the reservation to be honored.

harpers ferry.jpg

Harper's Ferry, WV

goodnight, tyler.jpg

SPLC and "Goodnight, Tyler"


SPLC and "Goodnight, Tyler"


  • Saturday, February 16: depart at 9am from Ithaca.

    • Arrive in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.​

    • Visit Historic Park, have dinner.

    • Arrive in Charlottesville, VA.

  • Sunday, February 17:

    • Breakfast, church and lunch in Charlottesville.​

    • Seminar on bus​

    • Arrive in Atlanta, GA for overnight.

  • Monday, February 18: ​

    • Arrive in Montgomery, Alabama.​

    • Visit "National Lynching Memorial" and the the Legacy Museum.

    • Evening and overnight in Montgomery.

  • Tuesday, February 19:​

    • Visit to the Southern Poverty Law Center.​

    • Drive to Atlanta, GA.

    • Optional evening event: "Goodnight, Tyler" at the Alliance Theater.

    • Evening and overnight in Atlanta.

  • Wednesday, February 20:​

    • Hike Amicalola Falls, southernmost section of the Appalacian Trail.​

    • Seminar on bus

    • Arrive in Durham, NC.

  • Thursday, February 21:​

    • Visit to Stagville Plantation and Historic Site​

    • Seminar on bus

    • Arrive in downtown Washington, DC.

  • Friday, February 22:​

    • Downtown DC: National Museum of African American History and Culture (or other Smithsonian museums on the mall)​

    • Evening and overnight in downtown Washington, DC.

  • Saturday, February 23:​

    • Morning in DC until 11am.​

    • Final seminar on bus.

    • Arrive in Ithaca, NY at 5pm.

Preserved slave quarters at Stagville

Preserved slave quarters at Stagville


Amicalola Falls (Appalacian Trail)

national museum.jpg

National Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington, D.C.

For questions about the trip or registrations, contact
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